Marmoto Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Early reservations and early online bookings
Marmoto Ltd. will accept early bookings and reservations made from the web site of the company without a payment done at the end of the booking process. These reservations will be kept until the early booking payment deadline, which will be announced individually for every single event. If no deposit is paid for every booked service before the early booking payment deadline the early reservations will be cancelled.
For an early reservation or booking to be valid a deposit is required before the early booking payment deadline.

2. Bookings, deposit payments and final due payments
In order to book a place for an event the customer must use the online booking system of Marmoto Ltd. After completing the booking process the customer must receive an automatic confirmation email that the booking took place. If no automatic email is received the booking is not valid. After receiving the automatic email the customer will also receive another email from a representative of Marmoto Ltd. Only after this email and a confirmation from a representative from Marmoto Ltd. the booking and reservation is considered valid.
If the booking is done during the early booking period the customer is expected to pay the deposit until the early booking payment deadline. If the booking is done after the early booking period deadline the customer is expected to pay the deposit in the next two working days. If no deposit payment is done in the arranged times, the booking is cancelled.
After the deposit payment the customer is expected to pay the due balance until the final payment deadline, which is defined individually for every event. If no final payment is done until the final payment deadline, the booking is cancelled and the deposit is kept by Marmoto Ltd.
If the booking is done 30 and less days before the final payment deadline the customer is expected to pay the whole due amount in the next two working days. If no payment is received the booking is cancelled.
Accepted payment options are bank transfer and PayPal. If the payment requires any bank charges they need to be fully covered by the customer. If bank charges are applied to the payment received by Marmoto Ltd. the customer is expected to cover them in a next bank transfer.

3. Prices
Prices exclude VAT. Prices of the accommodation packages include the provision of accommodation with all utilities (water, electricity, heating) plus ski pass, excluding administration fees, holiday taxes and the costs of any telecommunications and optional services proposed at the time of booking, insurance and deposit. Prices for the bus transport include bus transport from Sofia to the specific ski resort and back. Any individual expenses arising during the bus trip are not included in the price. Food and beverages are not included in the bus transport price. Local trips at the resort may be included or excluded from the bus transport price. These details will be specified individually for every trip.

4. Tourist and holiday taxes
Tourist/Holiday tax is collected on behalf of the local council and is not included in the price of the trip. It must be paid in the place of residence and is compulsory. For some locations Marmoto Ltd. is obliged to collect the tax directly from the tourists, in these cases Marmoto Ltd. shall invoice the local tax together with the price of the accommodation.

5. Modifications and cancellations
Modifications to the date or type of accommodation are accepted up to 45 days before the date of arrival but are subject to availability. Modifications after this 45-day deadline may be considered, but are subject to availability and fees and extra charges may apply.
Marmoto Ltd. must be notified via letter or e-mail of any cancellation. The cancellation date is considered to be the date of receipt of the written notification.
Cancellation conditions are as follows (unless otherwise specified in the confirmation):
– Between 61 days before the start of the event and after the early booking deposit payment deadline:  the deposit payment is retained.
– Between 60 and 45 days before the start of the holiday: 50% of the price of the booked services is retained.
– Between 44 and 21 days before the start of the holiday: 80% of the price of the booked services is retained.
– Less than 20 days before the start of the holiday: 100% of the price of the booked services is retained.
Failure to turn up at the place of residence will result in 100% of the total price of the booked services being retained, including any administration fees and local tourist taxes.

5.1. Covid-19 cancellation conditions
If there is a special Covid-19 situation the tour operator has the obligation to refund the whole package (accommodation + ski pass) except the Covid-19 Booking fee.
The situations eligible for money refund are:
– accommodation and/or ski area is being closed (The price won’t be refunded if the tour operator finds an adequate substitute accommodation).
– entering France is not allowed.
The situations not eligible for money refund are:
– the client is diagnosed with Covid-19 and he/she cannot travel.
– the client is under quarantine because of Covid-19 and he/she cannot travel.
– the client is infected with Covid-19 during the trip and he/she needs to be hospitalized or home quarantined.
– any other medical condition related to Covid-19.
– exiting Bulgaria is not allowed.
– entering transit country is not allowed.
– any other situation not explicitly listed above as applicable for money refund. 

6. Possible contract modifications
If Marmoto Ltd. is obliged to modify any one of the essential elements of this contract, the customer may, without prejudice to his/her rights to compensation for any damage suffered, and after receiving notification from Marmoto Ltd.:
– either terminate the contract and obtain an immediate refund of any amounts paid without penalty.
– accept the modification proposed by Marmoto Ltd. In this case, a contract amendment specifying the modifications is signed by both parties. Any price reduction will be deducted from any outstanding amounts. If full payment has already been received, any difference due will be refunded prior to the departure date.
Exceptions: Marmoto Ltd. will not accept liability in an event of a force majeure situation, or any other situation which could not been foreseen at the time of the booking, such as total or partial closure of a site or a joint facility, refusal of a group booking by the local community in the resort, closure or price modification due to financial stress/bankruptcy of a service provider, weather conditions, terrorism, etc. Marmoto Ltd. will not accept liability in an event of cancellation of the free skiing days offered to partnering ski resorts and ski areas because of change or termination in the partnership agreements between the ski resorts and ski areas. If Marmoto Ltd. is liable for the modification or cancellation of the contract before departure through no fault of the buyer, any amounts paid will be refunded to the buyer without penalty. The above clauses do not in any manner prevent an out-of-court agreement aimed at arranging a replacement holiday or trip proposed by Marmoto Ltd.

7. Transferring the contract
The contract may be transferred, subject to notifying Marmoto Ltd. at the latest 7 days before of the start of the holiday, to any person fulfilling all the conditions required for the event in question. The transferor and transferee are jointly and mutually responsible regarding Marmoto Ltd. for payment of the due balance and any additional charges related to this transfer. If these charges exceed the amounts published or specified in the contractual documents, documentary proof will be provided.

8. Arrival and departure
If the due balance has not been paid, the keys to the accommodation will not be provided, even if the buyer turns up at the destination. The keys shall be available from 5pm onwards on the date of arrival. They must be returned by 10am at the latest on the date of departure, in compliance with the inventory time set upon arrival by Marmoto Ltd. or its local partner, which cannot be modified. Customers arriving late may contact Marmoto Ltd.’s local partner by phone, in order to obtain the access codes/keys and to find out how to collect the keys in an event of late arrival.

9. Deposit/warranty
A deposit/warranty (200-1200 € per apartment/studio – exact amount confirmed at the booking) is requested upon arrival. This deposit will be returned at the end of the stay after payment of any services used and after deduction of any compensation for damages caused according to the inventory list signed at the arrival. ATTENTION: This deposit is payable to the local accommodation provider directly Marmoto Ltd. never collects these deposits from the customers, and does not act as an agent in this case between the customer and the accommodation provider. Any negotiation or debate regarding the deposit and the amounts deducted from the deposit has to be solved by the customer and the local accommodation provider. Marmoto Ltd. does not accept any claim regarding deposit/warranty from either party.
Fines may be also applied if any damages are done to the bus or the bus regulations are not kept, if the customer is using the bus transport.

10. Residence rules
To make life simpler for tourists, a set of rules will be provided by the accommodation. It is essential to read these rules upon arrival and comply with them throughout the holiday.

11. Early departure
Except in cases of force majeure as defined by French and European jurisprudence, inform the local apartment agency of any claims regarding the description, quality or cleanliness of the accommodation provided immediately after experiencing a problem. The local providers will do their best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. If the problem cannot be resolved, Marmoto Ltd. has to be notified in both written and verbal forms (email and phone call) within 1 day after arrival (or after the problem has occurred). Without evidence of his/her claims, the customer will not be eligible for any compensation of any kind from the local accommodation agency.

12. Information provided about the residences
Marmoto Ltd. presents a general description and photos of the flats for informational purposes and Marmoto Ltd. cannot guarantee that the flat layout or decoration will be the same as those shown in the photos. Any requests regarding a specific exposure or location of the flat is an extra service and may not be considered as being contractually liable.

13. Modification of pre-contractual information
Marmoto Ltd. reserves the right to modify the information provided as part of its pre-contractual information obligation. The customer shall be informed of any such modifications before signing the contract, for acceptance.
The tourist packages are provided by the Hungarian tour operator TravelLines Kft. Marmoto Ltd. acts as the tour agent selling the packages in Bulgaria.

14. Liability
The rental accommodation offered by Marmoto Ltd. is not covered by hotel liability laws. Therefore, Marmoto Ltd. may not be held liable for any theft, loss or damage caused to personal belongings in its residences, in either the flats themselves or in the car parks or common areas (hall, ski room or bike garage). Marmoto Ltd. accepts no liability of accidents or injuries of any kind during the stay, even if the accident occurred during participating on a program included in the package (e.g. on the skiing slope, in the facilities of the ski lift company, swimming pools, sport equipment, etc.) without considering the cause.
Marmoto Ltd. is a retail company offering tourist packages from different European companies on the Bulgarian market. Marmoto Ltd. is liable for collecting the payment amounts paid via bank transfer by the customers and for transferring these sales revenues to the tour operators before the agreed payment deadlines. Marmoto Ltd. is liable for all information to be distributed among the customers (description of the accommodation, ski areas, travel information, etc). The tour operators, whose packages are offered via Marmoto Ltd., are liable for the fulfillment of the ordered services, tourist packages and transportation where included.

15. Invoicing
Marmoto Ltd. issues invoices within 3 days after the money transfer if requested from the customer. All announced prices are excluding VAT.

16. Personal data
Marmoto LTD is officially registered as an administrator of personal data and if authorized to collect personal data for the purposes of the offered services. The data collected by the company includes name, postal and email addresses, phone number, personal identification number, birth date, gender information. All the collected data will be used only for the needs of the company’s business.
Marmoto LTD will only share your name, email address and phone number with other participants in the trips for the purposes of making it possible for the different parties in a group to communicate between themselves prior to the trips.

17. Final booking of an event implies that the customer has read and agreed to the general terms and conditions of sale.

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