Covid-19 Cancellation Conditions

Covid-19 Cancellation Conditions

If there is a special Covid-19 situation the tour operator has the obligation to refund the whole package (accommodation + ski pass) except the Covid-19 Booking fee (29 EUR).

The situations eligible for money refund are:

1. The boarders (French, Bulgarian or any other transit country) are closed before the departure and the travel is impossible.
2. There is a quarantine obligation (the passenger has to go to mandatory quarantine) when entering the destination country or after the trip (after the passenger has arrived home), which is known before departure.
3. There are official and affirmed news about the ski resort or the accommodation closing down because of Covid-19 virus. The price won’t be refunded if the tour operator finds an adequate substitute accommodation.
4. There is a state regulation that forbids for state employees or employees with special status (policemen, emergency medical personnel, firemen, public servants, healthcare practitioners) to travel.

The situations not eligible for money refund are:

1. The client is diagnosed with Covid-19 and he cannot travel.
2. The client is under quarantine because of Covid-19 and he cannot travel. 
3. The client is infected with Covid-19 during his trip and he needs to be hospitalized or home quarantined. 
4. Any other medical condition related to Covid-19.
5. Any other situation not explicitly listed above as applicable for money refund. 

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