Win a FREE TRIP now!

Hello friends,

after a few years running successfully our “Book your friend” promotion, we have decided to move the initiative a step further. So, this year we will have our Premium Edition of “Book your friend”, that will give you the chance to WIN A FREE TRIP to France. 

Rules are very simple.

As in the last years what you need to do in order to participate is as follows:

 – gather a group of minimum 10 people and make the booking for the whole group
 – assist us for your group – organise your group, send all the info for your trip to your group, do the payments for the people in your group, etc.
 – the person with the largest number of participants in his/her group wins a free vacation to France

The participation period ends at 23:59 on 10.Sept.2018. The person with the largest number of people in his/her group wins the free vacation. The free vacation price includes free package “accommodation + ski pass” for the respective trip for which the person has already booked. The price does not include transportation, ski pass upgrade and insurance. The price will be added to the group reservation after 10.Sept.18 and before the deadline for the last payment. If there are two or more groups with the same number of participants, the one with the bigger money value of the order wins. If there are two orders with the same money value – a draw will take place. If your group is reduced after 10.Sept.18 and you are not longer the largest group, you are a subject of losing the price and having it redirected to the new largest group’s organiser. 

For all the other participants in the “Book your friend” promotion except the winner stays the price of getting 1 EUR per person reduced from their final amount as it was in the last years. The discount will not show automatically in your order but it will be manually added before the final payment deadline.