The Unstoppable Marmot

The Unstoppable Marmot
The Unstoppable Marmot

Zanko is one of the new members in our team. He has been skiing for years already and since the beginning of our trips he has always been helping us with the organisation of the trips. Now, it is time for him to be already in charge of our trips and we believe that he will be a great organiser. In his past Zanko has organised a number of different events and happenings, so this is just the natural continuation of his experience combined with his love for the winter sports.

Also, do not try to compete with him in “basin downhill” (do not worry if you haven’t heard of that discipline, it is relatively unknown) as he is like a master in it … if he doesn’t hurt himself meanwhile 🙂

Welcome on board, Zanko!

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  • Sofia