Prices Val d’Allos 2021

Below you can find the prices for the “accommodation + ski pass” packages for Val d’Allos for winter 2020/2021. The packages include: accommodation 30.Jan-6.Feb.2021 and 6-days ski pass for ski area Espace Lumiére (220 km), including the resorts of Pra Loup, Val d’Allos La Foux and Seignus. Insurances are optional.

  Early booking * Regular Price
Place in apartment for 4 people (2p4) + ski pass EUR 253 EUR 288
Place in apartment for 6 people (2p6) + ski pass EUR 233 EUR 268
Place in apartment for 7 people (3p7) + ski pass EUR 229  EUR 264
Insurance EUR 30 EUR 32
Insurance (incl. off-piste) EUR 40 EUR 42
* Early Booking prices valid through 4.12.2020

The price of an empty place in any of the apartments is 99 EUR (if you want to keep some of the beds empty).

Prices include:

  • 7 nights accommodation 
  • 6-days ski pass for the whole ski area Espace Lumiére (220 km)
  • use of swimming pool
  • use of steam bath
  • Internet at reception
  • TV
  • bed linen
  • Covid-19 booking fee of 29 EUR (please, read Important Covid-19 Notice below)

Prices do not include:

  • Tourist fee (7 EUR)
  • Apartment deposit (see below)
  • Transportation to France
  • Breakfast (optional, 8-10 EUR/person/day)
  • Internet in rooms (optional, fee applies)
  • Cleaning (optional, 50-80 EUR/apartment)
  • Covered car parking (optional, 35 EUR/week)
  • Pets allowed (optional, 46 EUR/week)
  • Pastry ordering (optional, fee applies)
  • Fondue rental (optional, fee applies)

There are some other payments on site at Val d’Allos:
– Deposit of 300 EUR/apartment – this is ONLY a deposit and you will get it back at the end of the stay if everything is OK with the apartment. If there are damages, missing inventory, the apartment is not cleaned at check out or the premises regulations haven’t been obeyed a part or the whole deposit will be kept. 
– Tourist fee – around 7 EUR/person/week



When booking there is a Covid-19 booking fee of ONLY 29 EUR (56.84 lv.) per person or empty place payable within 3 days after submitting the booking, but not later than the deadline of the respective booking period. The rest of the amount is due until 13.Dec.2020. The Covid-19 booking fee is not refundable and it guarantees refunding of the rest of the paid amounts due to some Covid-19 situations (lockdown of countries or borders, quarantine obligations, ski resort lockdown, etc.). More information about the Covid-19 booking fee cancelation conditions can be found here


For details of the payment procedure, please, check out our Payment section.

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