All the bookings are done via the web site of Marmoto. We strongly advice you to read all the information about the chosen trip. As we offer low-cost trips you need to expect slightly different style of trip compared to a luxury ski excursion in Chamonix.

Every trip has detailed information about the resort, the coverage of the ski pass, the accommodation level and the transportation. You also need to take into consideration that many of the activities will need to be done by you (checking in/out, collecting ski passes, cleaning, organising leisure time activities, etc.).

Once you have read all the info you can make your booking from the event’s page and choose:

– accommodation
– bus transportation (optional)
– insurance (optional)
– ski pass upgrade, if available (optional)

For the accommodation you need to choose as many packages as the number of the people.

No payment is needed at the time of booking!

It is always better if you book a whole apartment or studio, as this way you will be with people you know. If you book only a few places from an apartment/studio you will be accommodated with other random people, who have also booked single places. When booking for more than one person you need to provide also names and email addresses of the other people. They can be changed at a later stage if needed.

After submitting a booking you need to wait for confirmation from us. Once your booking has been confirmed you need to make the required payments in the respective due times. Payments, not done until the respective deadlines will lead to booking cancellation.

If you are booking the last accommodation places and there are still vacant bus seats, then these bookings are accepted only with included bus transport.

Additional information with details about the trip will be sent to you shortly before the trip. Meanwhile, if you have any concerns you are always welcome to contact us.

To verify your booking you need to log in and check out the booking status:

– “On-Hold” – your order is received and waiting for deposit payment
– “Processing” – your deposit has been received and the order is waiting for the final payment
– “Completed” – you have paid all the due amounts
– “Cancelled” – you order has been cancelled