Briancon/Serre Chevalier & Sestriere/Italy

Briançon, France, ,

19.01.2019 - 26.01.2019

Briancon/Serre Chevalier & Sestriere/Italy

Briancon is part of one of the loveliest ski areas in France – Serre Chevalier. With its 251 km of ski runs you can expect great diversity of slopes, different ski run difficulties, new places to ride every day and many nice places to stop for some hot drinks.

Key facts of Briancon and Serre Chevalier:
– 251 km of ski runs
– 2 gondola lifts
– 5 cabin lifts
– 21 chair lifts
– 28 drag lifts
– fun parks, jumps, slopestyles, rails, boxes
– vertical drop – 1630 m (1200 m – 2830 m)

For more information about Serre Chevalier and Briancon you can visit this link:

The trip to Briancon also includes one free day of skiing in one of the largest Italian ski areas – Via Lattea (400 km), where we will visit the famous Olympics resort of Sestriere. For more information about the Italian part visit this link:

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Booking options

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Place in apartment for 6 people + ski pass
Place in apartment for 8 people + ski pass
Place in maisonette for 10 people + ski pass
Bus transport to Briancon
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Event Program

19.01.2019 - 26.01.2019


Briancon & Sestriere trip

18.01.2019 (Fri) – Departure from Sofia around noon
19.01.2019 (Sat) – Arrival in Briancon/France
20.01.2019 (Sun) – First skiing day
22.01.2019 (Tue) – Day trip to Sestriere/Italy (may vary due to weather conditions)
25.01.2019 (Fri) – Last skiing day
26.01.2019 (Sat) – Departure from Briancon/France
27.01.2019 (Sun) – Arrival in Sofia around noon