Prices Les 2 Alpes

In the table below you can find the prices for the “accommodation + ski pass” packages for Les 2 Alpes for winter 2017/2018. The packages include: accommodation 20.Jan-27.Jan.2018, 6-days ski pass for Les 2 Alpes ski area (225 km) plus an option for one day skiing in Alpe d’Huez (255 km).
Bus transport and insurance are optional.

  Early_booking* Regular_Price Flash_sale**
Place_in_apartment_for_6_people(2p6) + ski pass EUR 286 EUR 296 EUR 271
Place_in_apartment_for_8_people(3p8) + ski pass EUR 286 EUR 296 EUR 271
Place_in_sudio_for_4_people(Std4) + ski pass EUR 290 EUR 300 EUR 275
Bus_transport EUR 140 EUR 145 EUR 135
Insurance EUR 15 EUR 15 EUR 15
* Early Booking valid until 10.09.2017
** Flash Sale prices are valid only if you include bus transport in the booking. The reduced price is not seen during the booking process, but is applied afterwords. 

The price for the bus transport includes: bus transport Sofia – Les 2 Alpes – Sofia, one day trip to Alpe d’Huez, highway and tunnel fees. The price of an empty place in any of the apartments is 120 EUR (if you want to keep some of the beds empty).

The package prices also includes one free visit to the resort’s swimming pool and and one free visit to the resort’s ice ring. 

When booking there is a first payment of 120 EUR per person (235.20 lv.) payable within a week after submitting the booking.

Additionally there are some other payments on site at Les 2 Alpes (prices below are from last year, updated prices will be available at late autumn):
– deposit of 200-400 EUR for the apartments/studios – this is ONLY a deposit and you will get it back at the end of the stay if everything is OK with the apartment. If there are damages, missing inventory, the apartment is not cleaned at check out or the premises regulations haven’t been kept a part or the whole deposit will be kept.
– tourist fee – usually around 6-10 EUR/person/week

Free outdoor parking, indoor car parking – 40 EUR/car/week (for people with cars).  Bed linen bought on site costs 12-24 EUR/person. Pets fee – 50 EUR/week.

Minimum 45 EUR/apartment fee for cleaning if you do not want to clean your apartment/studio at check-out.  

If you are booking the last accommodation places and there are still vacant bus seats, then these bookings are accepted only with included bus transport. 

For the payment procedure, please, check out the Payment section.

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